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inverter motor


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Hello Lewis


An inverter motor is one designed specifically for use on an inverter. This would generally be a motor that has higher voltage insulation to cater for the fast switching waveforms associated with inverters, and increased cooling to allow the motor to be driven at lower speeds without derating.


Best regards,

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Hello Lewis & Marke,


Some of the other differences between standard motors and inverter duty motors may include:


1. Form wound stator in lieu of random wound.

2. Shaft brush to the drive end of the motor.

3. Insulated bearing or ceramic end plate to the non-drive end of the motor.


Item 1 is used to minimise damage to the motor windings arising from vibration.


Items 2 and 3 are used to minimise the possibility of damage that would otherwise arise from shaft/bearing currents.


Hope this helps,




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