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Lenze 9300 Vsd Internals


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I am a hobbyist (with reasonable knowledge) attempting to upgrade a Lenze 9327, 16kW VSD to higher capacity (current). Other than asking Lenze (last resort), does anyone here know much about the internals of these drives? The Lenze 9300 seriaes 16kW, 22KW and 30kW have the same sized enclosure (case). Do the Lenze models 9327 to 9329 share the same gate drive/power circuit board - I suspect they do.

My current plan (no pun) is to change the IGBTs in the drive then current sensing system so that the drive 'thinks' it is outputting it's standard current.

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Hello johny451


Welcome to the forum.


I do not know about the particular drive that you have mentioned, but the major differences will be the input rectifier, reactors (AC or DC), bus capacitors. (Carry the AC ripple current), output IGBTs and the protection sensing circuit.

If there is a soft charge contactor (or relay) this will also change ase will the soft charge resistor due to the larger capacitor bank. Cabling and busbar work will also probably change due to the higher current, so there is not that much that will not change. Maybe the gate drive pcb and possibly the main control pcb.


Best regards.


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