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Ups Backed Inverter


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This is my first post.


I need to re-start a three phase Variable speed motor for a brief period (1 min) after a power failure.


I intend using a 220Volt single phase UPS to supply a 220Volt single phase inverter to control a 3.0kW 3 phase motor connected in 220Volt Delta. NB a 3 phase UPS is too expensive


Typically a UPS has an out power factor of 0.7. How do I calculate the size of the UPS? - for a 3kW load, would I need a UPS which was 3000/0.7 = 4285VA (nearest unit 5kVA)?


How do I calculate the line current of a single phase inverter?

What implications/ pitfalls does this have in my application?


Any comments or advise would be greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance











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