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Replacement Of Exciter Panel


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I shall be replacing a existing exciter panel of a brushless syncronous motor with a new one which is not of the same make as the existing one. What points should I check in general to make sure that new exciter shall be okay for the motor.

Any advise is welcome .



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Support, support support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to setting up, and Godforbid a problem you want a company who will help you!

Email of the correct guy, because of next item

Also ensure the/any software is included in the package, any upgrade in the future is free

if you can save an error and send by email, it is a start in the right direction

I am in Singapore and based on my specific applications have found Basler not only the best AVR but the support from Singapore is top notch as has been the support from France - and of course it helps for me they speak and understand English!


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