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The Energy Saving Businesses


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Dear LMPForum User,



A number of the visitors to this forum appear to be interested in getting into the Energy Saving Business and are looking for advice on a number of energy related topics.



This is a motor control forum and there are few better places you could go for information on subjects like Power Factor Correction, Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters & General Motor Control. Many of the contributors to this forum are highly experienced and will be able to offer you excellent technical advice. Of course, you may need to consult other technical specialists regarding other energy saving strategies like aM&T (automatic Monitoring & Targeting) and Lighting Control.



However, if you are looking for commercial advice on how to successfully start and and run a new energy saving business then it would be wise to listen to someone who has already done it. Ian Wrigley FRSA has been involved in the energy saving sector for nearly thirty years. He has built a number of successful businesses in this industry and he has written a white paper entitled ‘What are the Critical Success Factors for starting your own Energy Saving Business?’ Please click HERE to download a FREE copy.



This white paper is written primarily for the benefit of individuals who are looking to start their own energy saving business, regardless of the products or supplier with whom they choose to be associated. So whether or not you choose to progress your interest in Enigin, we trust you will find this candid appraisal most useful in understanding exactly what it takes to build a profitable business in the energy saving market.



Please click HERE to download your free copy.



To your success,



Steve Hill - Enigin Plc

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