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Bodine Torque Motor Wiring?


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Hi and sorry for such a lame, newbie question.


I have four Bodine Torque motors I am trying to wire to provide continuous tension on a mechanism.


The motors have a Black, Blue and Red lead and were hooked up to a 3 pin connector with the starting capacitor across the pins that were assigned the Black and Red leads.


Which lead is ground?


Can I just hook a standard AC plug to the motor by wiring the motor black to the green plug wire (ground), plug white to motor red, plug black to motor blue and then attach the starter cap across the red and black leads of the motor?


Here is what the motor plate reads:


Bodine KCI-26RB

115 VAC -- 60 hz @ 11 watts input

Cont duty -- Tourq 10 in oz

RPM 111.6


Bodine says they are so old, they no longer have data sheets for them.


Any help?




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