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Measuring PF on 220vac 3.phase motor power supply .


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We are going to measure the PF on a three phase 220vac power supply panel. The power supply is 3 hot phase(RST) , one neutral phase and one Ground. Hot phase to hot phase using an Clampon ampmeter is 220vac, Hot phase to neatral is 127vac, Hot phase to ground is 127 vac/50hz.

There are only two leads from the clamp on meter. So when I put the clamp on amp meter say on phase R, where do I then correctly put the two Probes of the Clampon amp meter which also can let mee see the PF? Where to connect for all theree phases? I get conflicting readings measuring the PF putting the two probes between any of the three HOT phasesm and between any hot and the neutral?

Pls assist with this.




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