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Starting a pump with an inverter


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I am working on a single phase induction motor/submersible well pump combination. Electrical power is supply by a 4000W, 120VAC inverter, feeding a 120/240V step-up transformer.


The motor is 1 horsepower, 230VAC, split phase design. Locked rotor current is 48.7 amps for a duration of 200ms. Running current for the motor is 9.8 amps.


The inverter has short-time ratings of 77 amps for 100ms and 8800 watts (resistive load) for 5 seconds. The inverter is also expected to power other loads in the house when starting the pump although the amount of "other load" is uncertain.


We installed the system and the problem we are having is the inverter cannot start the pump if there is even a minimal load present. What alternatives to we have to make it possible to start and run this pump with an existing load?

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Hello kirk


A submersible pump is generally a centrfugal pump and the load is highest when the flow is maximum. If you close a valve on the output of the pump, it will cavitate and start much easier.

Best regards,

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