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Asynchronous Permanent Magnet Motor


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Hello All!


I've come across the term 'asynchronous permanent magnet motor'.

You can find it in the article: http://www.autobloggreen.com/2008/10/08/vi...on-new-website/

Check the sentence: One follows the more traditional approach and features an asynchronous permanent magnet motor.

Well, I'd say all machines with an active rotor must be synchronous. Correct?

Doesn't it sound weird? Isn't it just a marketing trick?

Any idea, comments? Thanks.

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Yes, a permanent magnet motor is a synchronous motor, but it may also have a squirrel cage to enable it to be "started" by frequencies other than zero Hz.

If you overload a synchronous motor, it will stall unless you can increase the excitation.

Once the motor has slipped out of synchronization, (begun to stall) it will not develop torque.

The addition of a squirrel cage causes the motor to generate torque at speeds other than synchronous speed.


Best regards,


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