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Another Family Of Three-phase Motors


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Dear all.

I've had the occasion to test an interesting family of inverter-fed three-phase motors, without permanent magnets in the rotor.

Rotor is very simple: a steel shaft and steel lamination. In the rotor there is no alumimium cage, no copper cage, no magnets, no windings, no brushes. Motor cost is therefore lower than cost of a low-cost asynchronous motor.

Motor efficiency is very high; inertia is low.

Such motor should be used for medium-precision positioning without using an encoder.

Thanks to absence of encoder, encoder connectors and encoder cable, reliability is increased.

Stator is absolutely normal. Stator should be of any construction type, but must be only 4-poles.

Inverter hardware is absolutely standard, if the inverter has 3 current sensor in the output stage.

Inverter software must be special.

At the moment there are in small production motors from 100 W tom 900 kW, a big range.

Only four-pole construction is possible.

In field-weakening mode, the possible speed range is high.

Peak torque is better, compared to standard AC asynchronous motors.


Only for quantities, you can find it at REEL - Italy


How can we call this type of motor, called SSP?

This is not a switched-reluctance motor, not a reluctance motor, not an usual synchronous motor. Some ideas?

Best regards




Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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