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Hardware I2c (twi) On Atmega32


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Hello members,


this is my first forum post over here :rolleyes: . I have a major problem with the TWI supported by the ATmega32.


How can I use the TWI (hardware I2C) in codevisionAVR? I found out how the software I2C works but I have to use the hardware version of this. I need a possible solution asap (sorry for that) because I have to deliver the product in two weeks (school assignment inclusing seriel communication). It's not that I ask you guys to make my homework, it's a project that measures a certain ammount of pressures and transmits them to a control system. I need the hardware I2C because the PCB's are already fabricated. So if somebody could please help me with using the TWI that would be very kind.


Thanks in advance.

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