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what wire is acceptable in Australia?

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I noticed several members waving Austrailian flags. Hope you can help with this. We build control panels. We have one for a Darwin project that specifies nothing other than wiring to meet Australian specs (it gives specific references but I do not have them with me here now).


We have a low voltage (24VDC) panel (contains power supply, relays, micro-plc,etc) that we would wire with #14 THHN awg wire (fused input at 15 amps). In particular we allready have a panel wired with #14 XHHW-2, is this wire acceptable per Ausie specs? I hope it is. If so can you provide code reference / table that confirms this? I really need to be able to keep this wire or we will have to rewire apnel. Thanks in advance for any help.

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