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Setting Of Idle Speed Of Motor


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I have been working for programming an inverter Allen Bradley 1305 - 3HP. I have scaled the inverter 0-10V = 0-50HZ. I want that when speed reference drops bellow 1V, output frequency remain at 5HZ (idle speed). There is a parameter Minimum Frequency and when I put 5HZ in this parameter, I found my requirement fulfill but the scale of drive (1V = 5HZ) disturbs and drive scales between min freq and max freq while I need that the scale must remain 1V = 5HZ and bellow the 1V value of speed reference. The output freq remain 5HZ. I have an old AB drive in which there is a parameter "Lower Freq clamp" which fulfill that requirement but this new drive don't have.


Can anyone have any idea for solving that problem?


"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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