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Vsd Output Fails


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I have a 5.5kW motor, supplied via a 5.5 kW VSD. In the last three months the VSD output blows up three times. I checked motor - all appears fine, running normal at 6 amps. This happens only at Monday morning start-up and I have changed drive type, but no luck. Do anyone have an idea what might cause this and/or have an idea how to protect the VSD from blowing up?
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Hello Harry007


Welcome to the forum.


I would suggest that you megger test the motor first thing on Monday morning before any voltage is applied.

You should first remove the output cables from the VFD and then megger at the VFD end of the cables so that the cables and the motor are tested.

You may find that you have a condensation problem or similar.


Best regards,


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