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Failed Alternator Rotor


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We have recently investigated a failed rotor in one of or large generators. The unit is a standby application with 16 hrs on the clock. The unit was on a resistive load bank test when sparks apreaed. The uint was stripped and damage to the aliuminum rotor was sustained. The end plates has started to melt and debris fell in to the windings. Along the outside below the laminations you can see the bars imprinted in to the paint because of heat.

The manufactor said this was proberly due to reverse Kvar as they have never had a failure like it. We are unsure as the machine has only ran for 10min on load and the rest of the time load banked on a resistive load. I have some photos if anyone is interested. I am just looking for some ideas as to what might have occured. The job is now finished and bills paid,





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Hi MickW


What type of generator is it?


I would certainly be interested in seeing the photos.


Best regards,


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