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Dc Drive In Crane


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Hi All


We are thinking of putting in a regen DC Drive to a crane for hoisting, travel motions.


The supply is from crane collector rails and sometimes, there might be small glitches and blips in power supply since the power supply rails are old and not necessarily flat.


I think that since DC Drives do not have any energy storage elements ( Like the DC Capacitors in the AC Drives), momentarily power sag might trip the drive very often and will cause nuisance. So I'm pushing towards replacing the DC motor with AC Motors and AC Drives.


Am I right in my assumption?

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Hello rvim002


If you use a DC controller, the output to the motor is pulsed, so a few extra pulses may not have any real affect.

The major issue will the the power supply to the controller electronics.

Most modern controllers are using switched mode supplies and are able to ride through small supply outages.

I would suggest that you talk to your supplier before you take the plunge.


For a crane, the four quadrant DC drive takes a lot of beating as it is able to provide full torque down to zero speed and even hold the load without a brake.


Best regards,


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