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Hi All,


Do a search for Enigin on youtube, there are a few videos posted on there.


What I find amusing is they are obviously located in the old Somar Powerboss training building.


Yet Ian Wrigley publicly stated on here that he has no interest in Somar Powerboss anymore, yet the business concept of Enigin&Somar seem very similar..... mainly - pay up your tens of thousands in return for .........................


I still am yet to see or hear of a succesful Enigin or Powerboss distributor/agent or whatever they are called. I am sure there are some out there somewhere.


By succesfull I mean a sales turnover of at least 250,000 UK pounds.

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To Whom It May Concern


Evidently the individual or company who continues to hide behind the pseudonym “EXPBUSER” have reared their ugly head again in their ongoing crusade of trying to discredit both Enigin and Somar.


The fact that they continue to hide their identity convinces me all the more that in all likelihood they are not what they claim but rather a competitor suffering from professional jealously from what they see as two mutually exclusive yet very successful companies. The only connection between Enigin and Somar being that I started them both from scratch.


For the record these are not the only companies I have helped to get a foothold in the Energy Saving Business; there are several other now very successful businesses, with a turnover of considerably more that £250,000 pa that started out as distributors of mine. If any individual wishes to make a serious enquiry directly to the company this information will be forthcoming, but I would not wish to expose them to the same amount of ridicule, hence the reason for confidentiality.


On the specific points raised I would add the following:


Yes, there are several videos on YouTube – we posted them so individuals could get more of a feel for the business and listen to candid comments from some who have attended Enigin training.


Some of these were filmed at Meridian House, an office block and Business Centre that I own. Enigin utilised the training facilities there for three months prior to expanding into their new offices at Southview House in April 2008. Somar once occupied part of this building but moved out into purpose built offices some five years ago… why is this amusing?


I have never stated that I have no interest in Somar, rather that I have had no day-to-day involvement in the company for several years, and subsequently have resigned as a Director.


For the record I am very proud to have been involved in no small way in building Somar International Ltd into the highly successful company it is today. Indeed that is what Enigin PLC now offer to do for individuals and companies namely; help them get started in the Energy Saving Business, with a range of quality proven products, some powerful business tools and a sales model in EnergyMaps, all with the minimal amount of risk. It really is this simple; you can chance going it alone or buy some expertise from someone who has done it several times.


Anyone who wishes to can attend the first day of the Enigin training course and look at our exciting range of energy saving solutions and if they are not completely satisfied with the offering they can leave and it won’t cost them a cent! But, if they stay and choose to benefit from the training and development programme and get immediate access to everything on offer we will charge the fair price formally agreed up-front. If you don’t think that is reasonable and professional… no problem, please look elsewhere.


If anyone would like to get a FREE copy of my white paper entitled “What Are The Critical Success Factors For Starting Your Own Energy Saving Business” please contact Enigin PLC on +44 (0)1726 871040. This document also has some additional links to other FREE downloads to help you evaluate the business potential for yourself.


To your success,


Ian Wrigley FRSA


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