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Field Oriented Control ... Compensator Design Problem


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Hi All:


Hi there .Im Newbie in the Motor Control Industry . A lot of motor drive technology like field oriented control is not familiar for me since need complicated compensator design with a lot of calculation. Recently , i having a assignment for modification PI controller for current induction motor with Field Oriented Control drive. I have done Matlab's Simulink simulation before implement the modification in real application machine. A few question has encounter as below.


1. In the feedback control system of field oriented control , do we need to convert switching device to transfer function for design our compensator(PID) controller. What device should consider for transfer function conversion?


2. As regard to sources , PI controller is mostly applied to FOC system , what about PID , PD for FOC induction motor?


3. Which method of calculation is more easier to calculate FOC system's compensator ?


4. Any commercial software is applicable for solving FOC calculation other than Matlab?


Lastly , thanks for take a look for my post and really appreciate if any one can give opinion or suggestion for above topic and questions.

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I am also working on this area recently.

You can refer to the dq modeling for three phase induction motor and it will provide a dq model equivalent circuit, from the dq equivalent circuit, you can derive the transfer function between Vds and Ids,Vqs and Iqs,thus you can design the PI or PID controller using matlab

hope it will help

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