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240v 3-wire Sub-pump Starting


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I have a single phase 1hp submersible pump in my 300-foot drilled well. It is 240 volt, single phase 3-wire system controled by a pressures switch connected to a pressure tank. It is capacitor start through a relay. Controls are by Franklin Electric. When pump is running (not starting) should I be able to measure 240V between the start winding and neutral leads of the pump motor? Is this normal or is the start relay stuck?



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You sure it's not a run capacitor in which case it's alright!

there is probably an internal common (where run & start are joined and coming out as one wire), one run and one start from motor into control box.

where are you actually measuring the voltage at in the circuit and why are you testing the wiring. I'm assuming that it is tripping or going out on overload?


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