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Star Delta Winding


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If a motor is "delta/star", its mean it is intended for either of two voltages: 120/220, 220/400, 400/660, etc. Higher voltage (star) is more preferable energy efficiency wise as less energy is lost in wires.

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Stator winding in star configuration will have line current reduced by 1/sqrt(3) of the line current of a delta connected motor. The torque will be reduced to 1/3 of the torque of a delta connected motor.


An example, a 100kW delta connected motor will have its power reduced to 33.3kW if the stator winding is connected in star.






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Hello jntewari


Provided that the motor is operated at the correct voltage for the winding connection (star or delta) there is no performance difference between the two connections.


If the motor is designed to e operated in delta, and it is operated in star at the design voltage, the motor is in efecte reduced in capacity to one third of its delta rating.


If the motor is designed to be operated in star for a given voltage, and then it is perated in delta at that voltage, it will be overfluxed, draw excessive current and will fail.


Best regards,


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