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Asynchronous Generator Please Help !


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Hi, My friend give me the three phase induction motor, and I want to make a generator for light cca 200 W.

I succeed to start generating power, but generator doesnt generating high enough voltage. he is generating about 130 V single phase and 230 V three phase. here is some data about motor 220/380 V 0.25 kW 1.61/0.93 A 1320 rpm 50 hz. I connected motor to triangle, as same as capacitors. capacitors are 20 uF 500 V running capacitors, I didnt magnetise the rotor because he immidietly start generating when i spin rotor above 1320 rpm. What is the problem, should i add more capacitors, and one more thing i dont have three phase power in my house, and how to connect a washing machine motor to run as generator, if someone can draw me a schematics, i can post pictures if needed.

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Hello volt


Ideally, an induction generator operates with a normal supply connected and with energy fed into the motor shaft causing the motor to try to accelerate above synchronous speed.

The motor draws VARs from the supply and this creates the flux in the iron to generate the voltage.


If you try to make an induction generator operate without a normal supply connected, then you must connect capacitors in parallel to provide the VARs, but there is poor voltage and frequency regulation.


Best regards,


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