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Dc Soft Start Help


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Hi desperately :rolleyes: looking for a simple soft start circuit , 12 volt around 10 to 15 amps around 1/2 ...to... 1 second to full speed (building a tug for heavy loads needs to take out the jolt )....maybe using a power mosfet (with protection) and the ne555 ? or would a simple r/c with a power mosfet circuit do , any help would be much appreciated .... Peter
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Hello Peter


If you are only looking for a start time of around a second, I would suggest a series resistance that is bridged out by a contact. - the resistance could be made up of a length of wire as the time is short and the total dissipation will be low.

If you were wanting an extended start time, a solid state circuit would be of value by reducing the power dissipation. If you did use a solid state (MOSFET) circuit, you would robably still short it out to reduce the power dissipation.


Best regards,


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