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Pt1000 Temperature Sensor


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Hi all,


Would like to enquire, is there any specific cable that needs to be used in connecting the PT1000 Temperature sensor to the monitoring station and is there any distant limitation for it as well ?


Currently working on a coldroom project whereby the coldroom is located 8-10meter away from the monitoring station...


P/s: sorry if this the wrong section, hope some engineers out there could help me..


Thank you.

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Hello joshua


When using resistance bulbs it is usual to run four wires, two wires to each end of the resistance bulb. It is not critical what the wires are, just that they are equal size and length. One wire from each end of the resistor go to the sense inputs and the other wires go to the current source.


If you use a two wire system, the resistance of the wire must be very low relative to the resistance of the bulb.


Best regards,


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