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Single Phase Motor Start Problem.


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Hello , this is my 1st post here , glad to have found such a huge wealth of info & knowledge !


A friend has a problem with a single phase , 3/4 HP , 240 volt , 60HZ well pump motor. The supply is from a 3.2 KVA generator as there is no line supply to the property. The motor will not start and is not known to have a fault. We think the start current is too much for the genny , would a capacitor solve the prob and if so what value ?


Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hello alltorque


Welcome to the forum.


I would expect that depending on the actual motor characteristics and the generator characteristics, that it should at least attempt to start.

What happens when you try to start the pump?

Is the motor wired up correctly?

It will probably have three wires coming up from the motor and will need a capacitor in series with one of them. Typically, I would expect a capacitor start motor.


At 3/4 HP, I would expect a run loading of around 1KVA and a start requirement of up to 6KVA, so the generator may well be undersized for starting, but this is dependent on the short term overload capacity of the generator.


Best regards,


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