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Toshiba Half Bridge Igbt Questions Spot Welder Homemade Capicitive Discharge Spot Welder


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hi there i know i may be a bit off topic but i have a toshiba half bridge igbt mg75q2ys50 and im wondering how do i drive it.


i know it has got a voltage gate to emitter of max 20 v and turn on from somewhere from 3 to 6 volts thats cool if i have 600 volts across the bridge do i have to supply 600 volts + somwhere between 3-6 to turn on the high side?

or does it reference to ground of the dc bus.


the parts were pulled from a danfoss vlt5000 11kw drive and have snubbers connected with 15volt zeners across the gate to emitter with a 7ohm resistor in series with the gate.


what i am doing is making a capicitive discharge spot welder i have 2 igbts joined together with a 450volt 6600 uf capicator and then using the two center bridge terminals into a step down transformer to the low voltage (safe) welding electrodes.


this shuld give me 600 joules of welding power 1/2 cv^2 enough to spot weld up battery packs for drills and rc cars etc...


i then hope to switch the igbt's at say 4.5khz into the step down transformer and get out roughly 24volts and with lead ristance of aprox 2m 4awg will give me a current og 86 amps.


any one able to help me with the igbt operation would be great.


i have lots of igbt as we are a service agent for danfoss new zealand and i had some lying parts lying around and thuught this would be a good project so i can weld up my lithium polymer rc battery packs.


if any one can help me get this working i could fire you some igbt blocks and faulty power cards from danfoss drives.

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