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Powering 3ph 200v Vsd From 1ph 200v


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A cheerful hai to all here...


am new to this community, got a question to clear from you experts.


I have a 3ph 200V input 3ph 200V output VSD, is there any way i can power this VSD using 1ph 200V supply ?


Am not goint to connect any load to the output of VSD, this is just for training and demonstration purpose.


Humble request for your valuable guidance and many thanks in advance.




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Hello Farooq


Welcome to the forum.


Most small VFDs will work quite happily on two phases on the supply, so you should have no problem feeding the VFD on 200V single phase and getting three phase output.

The main issue with doing this is that if you run at rated load, the rectifier will be overloaded and the capacitors will be too small for the load. There will be a high ripple voltage and ripple current.


Provided that you keep the output load below half of the three phase rating, there will be no dificulty.


Best regards,


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