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Induction Generator, Sorry Need Help!


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Hi, i need some help,

I am making a Generator, I am in the UK.

i have a diesel engine with more than enough power, i can set this for any rpm, with accuracy.

i have the appropriate belts and pulleys to rotate the motor at above speed.

i have an induction motor:

GEC Alpak induction motor



1450 rpm

21.5 amps

3 phase

50 hz


ins.class f

encl. tefv

brgs D.E. 6309z

N.D.E. 6209z

Diag. 54-67

conn. (triangle)

size d160m


that is all the info from the motor plate, and it has 6 connections under the cover, i havent been able to find much on the net about efficiency rating.

i have the wiring diagrams, and i will have a qualified electrician check it out when i am done.


could anyone help me with calculation for the capacitance i need to self excite? my maths isnt that good!

i will be intending to use it to run single phase tools, and 3 phase machines.

if you need any more info just ask i will provide what i can.

thanks for any help


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