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Questions About Vsd Harmonics


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Hi all

I'm new on this forum but I've seen many people with great knowledge here.

i have few questions concerning spectrum of harmonics of VSD.


1) this is mostly theoretical questions, i know that I can find this type of data in catalogues, but i want to know how to calculate it.

how to calculate value of voltage for sampling frequency. i want to know how to calculate because in case of usage RCD to protect VSD leackage current is calculated by using voltage of sampling frequency.

correct me, please if I'm wrong. i know theory of Fouriers analysis but i don't know how to start. I know PWM as well but i need a hint what exactly to do.


2)Next question concerns supplying of machine with VSD by Genset. Is it enough to calculate about 1,3-1,4 of rating power of machine and use genset covering that value ? I don't want to use neither active nor passive filters. Next thing is if I use closed loop VSD, how to prevent distortions of signal caused by additional feedbacks from single phase half way genset AVR influencing on VSD.


3) My knowledge about gensets is equal to nothing, i'd like to know if some of you could recommend me some good positions describing structure og genset. i'd be very apreciated if someone has some schematic and could share with me. On one australian websites i've found parts (voltage regulators, control modules, governors, monitoring relays). which elements are necessary and which are working together and which can be replaced by another element mentioned by me.


Thanks very much for any help


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