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Motor Generator Set


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I'm new to this and would appreciate all advice.

my problem in a nutshell is this. I have an outside catering unit which has an onboard 3 phase generator. All my machines operating off it are three phase except for one which is a soft ice cream (whippy) machine. Now base camp only has a single phase domestic supply so at night there is a change over switch to mains for the single phase equipment and everything ticks over nicely overnight. The big problem is the ice cream machine which has to be dismantled at night and put back together the next morning. This adds 2 1/2 hours to my working day and is torture to have to do every night and morning. The Ice cream machine connected to a phase converter does not work satisactorily as the machine has a plethora of digital controls and a back up overnight generator is not practical so I was wondering iffffffff? I had a motor generator set could i have a phase converter powering a three phase motor which in turn powers a 1500rpm 3 phase generator head. This would then give me i hope!- a stable stand alone 3 phase supply for my three phase machine for overnight plug in. A single phase machine is not an option as I use a high output commercial ice cream machine and these are only available in 3 phase.

Ideally someone will say yes I have one on the shelf!

Can it be done! or am I mad

Thanks in anticipation


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hi, i am certainly no expert, but a man who is told me this,

if you run a 3 phase motor up to speed with a spare single phase motor, and then connect a single phase supply to one of the 3 connections the motor will run on its own, you can disconnect the idler motor, then connect a 3 phase load to the conections on the motor, the motor will draw 3 times the amps from the single phase, and produce 3 phase, obviously the motor you use will have to be large enough to run the 3 phase equipment attached to it. as would the single phase supply.

this works for motors, i am not sure if it would be good enough for the digital equipment?

but it occurs to me, the 3 phase in your machine is for what? motors? if it is then could not an electrician go through the machine, reconnect all the control gear to a single phase, and eitheir swap the motors out or use capacitors to start and run them from a single phase supply?


hope this gives you a few ideas!






sorry having just read yur post again, why dont you just use a single phase motor to run the generator head? you only need to turn it at the right rpm with enough torque.


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