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Interesting Wind Generator. (wind As In Weather)


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Hi all. Came across a wind (winding around the corner) last week, and I’m not sure if I understand it’s purpose.


A wind generator - permanent magnet rotor 36 slot with not 18, but 36 groups of individual coils. Had a quick look at it and figured it was a 6 pole straight series connected with an internal star which I scooped out at a glance. Went to chop it out and spotted some extra connections which didn’t make sense (as it was machine wound with no obvious crossovers). To discover that it had 12 groups per phase layered on top of one another and series connected 720 deg around the stator. With less turns in inner slots and more in outer. Thought at first (because it was basket wound) that they were taking advantage of varied inductance in slots, ..but that didn’t make sense as you would get the same effect if it was lap wound. Anyway asked the boss and he couldn’t give me an answer, so I’m guessing that the extra 360 of the same phase is creating a slight lag in the induced emf causing a smoother output to the internal three phase bridge rectifier so that the charging unit receives a smoother DC..pheww


Anybody seen one of these before? And am I correct?. If I am correct then would there be advantages to winding a three phase motor this way, wouldn’t it be much smoother and work better with a VSD.


Have included a rather bad diagram of one phase to give you an idea of what I’m trying to explain.


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