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Vsd Trips Rccb When Turning Off


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I have just installed a VSD and gone through the set-up wizard to configure the drive. Everything went well I got the drive to rotate the motor at low speed to find the direction of rotation. It was going the wrong way so I needed to turn off the drive and re-wire the motor.


The problem was that when I turned the drive off (by isolating it at the wall outlet) the RCCB at the wall outlet tripped? Then when I reset the trip and try to turn the drive back on it trips when I try to turn it back on?


I kept trying and eventually I managed to get it to turn on without tripping but when I turned it off again it tripped again.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I have little expereince with VSDs so I have no idea what is going on.


NOTE: it is telling me that there is an encoder error - this is beacuase I haven't fitted the encoder yet, just wanted to check the rotation direction - but this surely shouldn't affect turning on and off.




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Pins in the plug come in and out of contact at slightly different times (let's say 1 milisec.)

I am in doubt whether VSDs are used with RCCBs - a B type circuit breaker is only needed: throw away the RCCB (in any case it will become a nuisance with the VSD now installed).

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Hello mea03wjb


You can get special RCCB for use with VFDs.

These have a slower response time and will allow you to connect and disconnect your VFD without tripping.


Best regards,


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