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Question About Ups


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Dears Friends,


First of all I am sorry that my question is not related with this forum but I have been looking for a good idea from anyone against my problem.


In our region, due to some problems in electric supply system, there is tending to use local manufactured UPSs for domestic use for fans lights etc. The electricians whom do the wiring job for those UPSs in homes normally connect one wire of UPS with common (Neutral) wire of home wiring and second wire connect with those switches with which they control the fans lights etc (with this trick they save the cost for one wire). When local power supply is available, these UPS connected fans and lights work with that supply along with all other appliances (AC hot iron etc) and when local supply is un-available, only UPS connected appliances works.


My question is that is it ok to connect one wire of UPS with local power supply's neutral? For me, the wiring of UPS connected appliances should be isolated.

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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