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Dear All,


I need some help.


I am putting up 2 Nos of 60 MW Steam Turbine Generators basically required for the Plant Power requirement & also to run in parallel with Grid for Import & Export of Power as & when requred limited to 15 MW.


Further the STG 11 kV Generator is having Step Up Transformer of 132 kV with OCTC & caters to the Plant requirement. My plant distribution is at 132 kV & Stepped down at the Plant end. The Grid is connected at 33 kV through a 132kV/33 kV Transformer with OLTC range +/- 10% in Steps of 1.25%. The Synchronising with the Grid will be always done at 33 kV Breaker end.


My Grid may vary from 33 kV +/- 10% i.e. 29.7 to 36.3 kV.


How do i Synchronise these STG with the Grid.


Any body have suggestion.





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