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Burnt Out Capacitor


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Hello dragnuts


Welcome to the forum.


A start capacitor will have some form of switch in series to take it out of circuit once the motor is up to full speed.

If the switch fails, it can damage the capacitor and the start winding.

If there is no switch in series, it is a run capacitor.

Run capacitors fail due to old age and distorted supply voltages.


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the cap we are having trouble with has values of 145 - 174 mfd 330 v. The other cap is 50 uf it is in alluminium casing can this tell us which is which?


As Mr.Mark recommended, check which cap has a disconnecting switch in series with one lead, which would be a staring cap. I think “145 - 174 mfd 330” is this.

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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All start capacitors I met have been in black plastics, all run ones are in aluminium casing or in white plastics.

At the same size the start cap has 3 or more times more capaciatance than the run cap.

Be careful, a start cap cannot be kept under voltage more than for few seconds - if longer, it will explode.

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