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Dc Motor Controlling System


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The main idea of controlling DC motor rotation speed consists in changing the input voltage. Connecting the main idea with the pulse width modulation, you can control the speed of rotation by using the PWM signal. As for me I used Diolan Gpio-24 adapter as a rotation controller in my practice. This adapter can generate a PWM wave and also you can adjust or control DC motor speed by using your computer because this adapter supports a usb interface.
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Hello flashman


virtually all industrial controllers for DC motors will control the speed of the motor.

In open loop mode, the controllers are controlling the torque, however by using either a tacho, or armature feedback to indicate speed, they use the torque control to control the speed. Too slow, increase the torque, too fast, reduce the torque.


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welcome with you


the controlling on the speed of dc machines is divided in to two ways


firstly , controlling on the speed through AC voltage and this method is used with motors that in constant location


secondly , controlling on the speed through PLC device , and this method is used with motors that in variable location like truction motors


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For me, it depends upon your application what you are driving from motor. Mostly in industries, DC drives are used. Some people vary the field voltage for increasing or decreasing the speed if application is simple. But doing such, when field voltage reduces, torque also reduces and speed increases and vise versa.

What is your application?




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