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Power Factor Correction Capacitors


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I am interested in building up several power factor correction capacitor banks. We have several blower units that have poor power factor and we have experimented with adding a range of 10 to 15uf of capacitance and it has dramatically improved our power factor. I want to design a capacitor bank on a PWB to make the installation really simple.


I need to find a good affordable source for the capacitors so I was hoping someone here could make a suggestion? I can't spend $2 or $3 dollars on each cap, I am hoping to find them for under $1, any thoughts would be appreciated.


Also I have been using Metalized Polypropylene caps and was wondering if there was a better type to use?

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Hello bhavlo


Welcome to the forum.


I would strongly recommend that you use capacitors that are designed for power factor correction. These will be a self healing type designed for continuous operation on AC voltages.

I do not expect that you will be able to purchase these for $1.

Good luck,

Best regards,


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