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Liquid Starter Slip Ring Motor (how Often Shall We Fill The Aquades)?


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Hello everyone,


Do you have any recommendation / rule of thumb how often is aquades in a liquid starter for slip ring motor shall be re-filled?


We're experiencing a problem that in a period of 2 weeks, the aquades in our 6,3kV 5000kW liquid starter is always dried up so quick to a minimum level allowed. Is that normal or it indicates some problems in our liquid starter?


Thank you in advance.



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Hello Adinug


Welcome to the forum.


I would not expect the electrolyte to dry out that quickly. It sounds as though the KW dissipated during start is too high for the volume of the electrolyte.

The current is controlled by the concentration of the electrolyte and the exposed surface area of the electrodes.

Perhaps you are not adding sufficient electrolyte or have insufficient tanks for that application.


Best regards,


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