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Will It Work?


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Hello, We have purchased this machine from US which operates on a AC VF motor rated as 2000 hp, 3 phase, 60 hz, 2300 volts, 448 amps and base RPM 890. My question is, Will it work on 50hz, 3 phase (India) without heating or any other negative effect other then reduced RPMs? Thanks in advance.
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Hello Akhichi


If you are using a VFD designed for use in USA, but installed in India, there should be no major issues except that there may be transformers and/or contactors within the VFD that are designed specifically for 60 Hz use. You need to check with the manufacturer to ensure that this is not a problem.

In regards to the motor on the output of the VFD, provide3d that the supply voltage is the same, and the motor is programmed up as a 60Hz motor, there will be no difficulty. If the voltage is different, then the output power of the motor may be altered.


Best regards,


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