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Power Switch For Ac Motor - En 61058-1


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I have a project that use a power switch to turn ON/OFF AC motor. But the questions that i have is regarding the power switch standard EN 61058-1.

The switch that i going to use is as below:




Under the Electrical Rating side, for the ENEC compliance, this switch comply to rating of:

250 VAC 16(4)A T100 1E4;

250 VAC 10(10)A T100 1E4;

250 VAC 8(8)A T125 5E4 ;



Q1) Do anyone know why one switch can have 3 different rating?


Q2) For example, the 1st rating, 16(4)A. Based on my understanding, 16A is rated current for resistive load, while (4)A is rated current for motor load. Why got two current rating with resistive & motor load? Why motor load has lower rated current?




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