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Need To Educate Myself

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Hello all-I am a old millwright/machinest/tech who travels around the world overseeing installations of large industrial fans. My job is to make sure the equipment is assembled properly, align the components, then balance whatever needs balancing-The smallest would be about 300 HP, and the largest about 9,000 HP-The problem is, when I am finished assembling it is very difficult to get the motors to start the equipment. The parameters are usually set quite low at the factory, and will run a uncoupled motor to verify rotation and magnetic center, but when coupled will not start the equipment, either through overamping or timing out. Where can I get good information so I may be able to learn to safely set these parameters properly myself? Many times there is nobody qualified to do this in the country I am working in, even though I usually have the spec sheets on the equipment, and it would be of great benefit to me. Thanks, Rolland
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