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I have installed a 30hp Powerflex DC drive to a 30hp Reliance DC shunt wound motor. The motor is 240vdc, 110 a for the arm. and 240vdc field voltage, hot amps 2.43/.5. Rpm rating is 1150/3450. I have set the drive to field weakening mode. When I attempt to take the motor to full rpms, the motor gets to full field weakening at 1800 rpm. I starts to field weaken at the base speed, but, achieves full weakened state at 1800rpm. Factory seems to think that because my field voltage from the regulator is only 220vdc that this is creating the problem. I disagree. Can anyone assist? :angry:
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Hello frankjay


Welcome to the forum.


The motor should be able to operate to 1150RPM without field weakening.

Because your field voltage is a little on the low side, I would expect the maximum operating speed to be higher than 1150RPM without field weakening.

With the field current reduced to 0.5Amp, the maximum operating speed should be 3450RPM


The reduced field voltage should not have any affect on the maximum speed with field weakening.

If the maximum armature voltage is also reduced from 240V to 220V, this will reduce the operating speeds a little.


When the drive reaches full field weakening, what is the field current? 0.5A DC? What is the armature voltage?


What are you using for speed feedback? If your speed feedback is not scaled correctly, your speed control loop could limit your performance.


Best regards,


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