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System Menu On The Xle


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The system menu is accessed by pressing the up and down arrows together.

The down and up arrows can then be used to scroll down and up the system menu.

Any menu item can be selected with the Enter key.


System Register %SR3 points to the system menu screen that is open and is zero when the system menu is not in use.


The system menu can be disabled from the PLC program by ensuring that the %SR3 register is never non zero.

An enable flag can be used to enable and disable the system register by adding a contact in series with the move 0 to %SR3 instruction.

Individual system screens can be disabled by the same technique.

For example, to defeat the removable media screen, test %SR3 for 14. If %SR3 = 14, then set %SR3 = 1.


To defeat the clone screen, - If %SR3 = 20, set %SR3 = 1.

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