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I have one faulty HT energy meter and i want to replace that with new meter and i want to do it in Live ( without interrupting power) for that i have remove Ct & PT connections. In live we should not open CT secondary terminals . Normally 6 connections will come from 3 phase 3 CTs and by shortning each S1 S2 i can open the secodaries and i can chane the energy meter in live its like CT secondaries are in delta connections but here three CT secodarires are connected in star ie all S2 terminals are connected together and i have 4 wires from 3 Cts in this case where i have to short CT secondaries is it possible or not ?


Also i want to know what is the diffrence between Ct secondary Delta connections & Star connections ? Normally LT Distribution we will have 6 terminals will come three phase CTs and what will happen if i connect these in Star connctions ?




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