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A C Wound Rotor 1.5hp Motor, Convertable To Dc?


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found it in my local dump, cleaned it up, it operates on AC fine, want to use it in a vw bug as traction motor, it has 4 brushes, 4 poles, the brushes are attached to an aluminum shorting ring, and there's a centrifugal switch that when the motor has accelerated somewhat short all the commutator bars together, i guess to make the rotor like a squirrel cage. do i have a shot at making it into a dc motor if insulate 2 of the brushes, i'm guessing the opposite 2 of 4 ?

thanks for your advice.

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Hello herbie


Although it has brushes, it will not work as a DC motor.

A DC motor has a commutator which switches the DC current through different sets of windings on the armature as the armature rotates.

The armature, commutator and brushes are designed to create a magnetic field at an angle relative to the field windings. As the armature rotates, the coil on the armature is switched to the next coil and the next etc


An AC motor does not have a comutator, it has slip rings. There is no switching as the motor rotates.


To run this motor on DC, you would need an inverter to generate AC from the DC.


Best regards,


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