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Rewinding Transformer


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I have a a piece of equipment that came with a transformer that runs it at 380v 50hz. The problem is it was delivered rated at 220v 50hz ( 220-220-220-0) to 380v 50hz (380-380-380-0) I have been reading how to rewind the transformer.For what I have found has totally confused me. Can anyone give me direction here. I need it for 220v 3ph 60hz to work with the 380v 50hz



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OK. A little more info. I hooked it up to my supply. 240v input , output 440v. .5454 ratio. The unit is 5kw rating at the 380v 50hz.

I will take a stab at what I have figured so far from reading. Theoretically speaking here , since I have not unwound anything yet. If the secondary is say 100 turns and it is running 440v, this makes a turn-per volt ratio of.227 . So to get 380v I would have to wind it to 86 turns. Sound correct? Anyone want to comment on this?

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