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Slipring Motor Starter


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An existing slipring motor with following datas : 650kW, 6kV, 6poles, rotor data 1250V/316A, is started with oil type starter (old fashion starter type, working principle "segment-wise"). The starter datas can not be traced anymore, only some datas are available : 1250V, 316A, ta=30sec, f=1,0, Z=2. If a new motor with follwing datas : 650kW, 6kV, 6poles, rotor data 980V/410A, limited starting current Ia/In <= 2,0, max starting time 30 sec, to be started with the existing oil starter, questions :

1) What is the impact to run the new motor with the existing starter since it has higher rotor current (94A higher) than existing motor?We don't know the maximum current of the short circuit contactor, also the tolerance of the Voltage / current data of the starter, means we don't know the maximum current the starter can deliver.

2) Can the motor be started without problems on the starter itself? E.g oil getting warmer, etc?

3) Or can it be started but with longer starting time?









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