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Curtis 1227 Motor Controller Problems


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Hello everyone,


I have a problem. I am working on a school project that requires me to control a permenant magnetic motor using a Curtis 1227-2402 motor controller. http://www.curtisinstruments.com/index.cfm...file=1223%2Epdf


Here is how I need to controller to work.

0V throttle input = motor spinning one direction

2.5V throttle input = motor not spinning

5V throttle input = motor spinning the other direction


I have the throttle connected like is says on page 19 in order to get th wigwag style throttle.


This is only a bench setup so I did not connect the circuit exactly like it says on page 17. Here is what I did.


Pins 15,14 connected to B+ (doing this makes the status LED solid yellow which should mean no faults detected)

Pin 2 has the 0-5V throttle source

Between pin 1 and 3 is the 4.7kOhm resistor that is required for a wigwag style throttle

Terminals A2, B+, B-, and M- are connected as shown


When I vary the throttle voltage on pin 2 nothing happens. I get no voltage out to the motor. If anyone has any ideas on what I am missing I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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