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High Load Motor


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To understand why you haven't received any replies to your inquiry, please take a couple of minutes to read the two posts by marke found in these links.








In addition to posting your query in the correct section of the forum, you will also need to supply a lot more detail about the application as it relates to the operating requirements of the motor; i.e.,

  • Starting
  • Accelerating
  • Running
  • Decelerating
  • Stopping
  • Holding (braking)
  • Running
  • Settling
Duty Cycle

Mechanical Coupling of Load
  • Direct Coupled
  • Overhung


Voltage, Frequency, Enclosure Type, Environment Temperature Range, Elevation at which motor is installed, etc.


These are but a few of the many details you will need to provide to properly dimension the motor for your application.


Without sufficient detail, put on a blind-fold, open up a motor catalog to any page, and placing your finger anywhere on the page, pick a motor.


Good luck.

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