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Need Generate Controlled Current Harmonics


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Dear forum,


I am in need of a current harmonics generator.I am tried to design one for myself but failed.

I have simulated EXCEl(FFT) and tried with DAC but it has some practical limitations.

Other way I tried with random switching of heaters using TRIAC and SCRs.Here I can able to generate 3rd ,5th and 7th harmonics on inductive load but it is not controlled one or say random harmonics generator.

My requirement is like this - 2 Amp 3rd ,1 Amp 5th, 0.5A 23rd and like that,

Means I must be able to create a harmonic of a required order with required current.

ideas, suggestions and information about available market devices are welcome.




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Hello Deep,


It is possible to do this by taking an igbt inverter and conencting it to the AC mains. It is best to use a three phase inverter even if you require a single phase current. Then the inverter can be made to draw or supply any harmonic or combination of harmonic currents. A typical use of this type of control is in the shunt active filter.


We have built this type of equipment before and have used it to do exactly what you are proposing. Key issues in building these are the choice of the output filter inductor size and the output filter capacitors.




Contact me by e-mail







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