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3 Phase Ac Generator


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A compond tansformer used for generator excictation is basically a 3-phase transformer fed off the generator output, rectified and fed into the generators field. This provides excitation but not regulation. A second winding (current winding) carries load current which increases with load. This winding acts as a boost having a "field forcing" effect on the geneator field and provides regulation.


Power generating plants in the US used this concept for many years but used a special wound tansformer/magnetic amplifier type that provided full excitaion but was contolled by a static voltage regulator.


The US Navy used this version on small destroyers replacing mechanial/electrical and rotary exciers. They proved to provide excellent excitaion and regulation for the time period. They were eventually replaced with solid state systems that provided faster response.


Anyway, go to "Google" and type in "Compoound Transformer". You'll be amazed at the info available.


Tioga "USS Hornet"

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